There are a vast number of trails in Pennsylvaina for hiking, biking and backpacking enthusiasts. We could not cover them all as trails are always in transition, a state of ever lasting change. New trails are formed, old ones are added on to and it is difficult to address the whole state. 

If you have trail information, please share it wih us as we freely share our information with you. We will keep the pages as updated as possible and with your help, everyone can enjoy and benefit. 

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The DCNR (Department ofConservation and Natural Resources) has updated their site that includes a new Pennsylvania Online Rails-to-Trails Guide with interactive maps, photographs of the rails trails and an abundance of information free for public use. This includes a total number of Open Rail Trails: 95. There are 968.6 miles of open trail, 101.5 miles under construction, and 654 miles in proposal phase. "Contained in this web site is information on Rails-Trails open to the public, under construction, and proposed. DCNR will periodically update this site as information comes into us from our many trail partners." ... DCNR 
In the near future all trails included in the Rails-to-Trails projects will carry the DCNR insignia  with the link to their respective page for more information.
Biking Trails State Park-DCNR
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Allegheny National Forest Region Lake Erie Region
Hershey/Gettysburg/Dutch Country Region Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies
Pittsburgh Region Valleys of the Susquehanna
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains Philadelphia and its Countryside/Lehigh Valley
Information Links
Biking Trails State Park-DCNR

Cycle Southern Alleghenys- OFF ROAD for detailed maps and information! Cycling the Southern Alleghenies -on-road routes include 20 individual tour routes with names such as Raging Rapids Adventure Tour, Covered Bridge Scenic Tour, and Tuscarora Mountain Challenge Tour that travel through the region nestled in the Allegheny Mountains. The routes can each be ridden individually in a day, or can be combined for a multiple day bicycling vacation. Cycling the Southern Alleghenies also offers over 25 off-road self-guided routes for the nature lover in you. From beginner to advanced, you'll find the terrain that fits your ability, right in the middle of the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

Laurel Highlands Trails Guide is a product of Free Wheeling Easy, a series of books by Mary Shaw and Roy Weil. It includes more detailed information on the Youghiogheny, Allegheny Highlands and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trails. This Guide also has information on other trails in this area.

ANF Forests Notes:

There is a network of over 50 trails in the Allegheny National Forest . For a complete up to date trail condition report in *pdf format, please click here.

There are over 600 campsites, 6 boat launches, 6 canoe access sites, 2 nationally designated wildernesses and many miles of hiking, snowmobiling and ATV trails. Download recreation map of the entire Allegheny Forest Region for Campgrounds, Trails, Rec Areas 
Allegheny National Forest Grand Tour :

For an amazing grand tour of the ANF, try a multi-day trip following the Allegheny Snowmobile Loop (Route #1). This route is shown on the ANF Recreation Map available at most ranger stations. Download a copy here. GPS COORDINATES: 41.4897, -79.095  Geographical Location map.

Appalachian Trail Maps Downloads:

All sections from New Hampshire & Maine to the Carolina's  or Pennsylvaina Section Only*pdf or beautiful color Gif

New Parks under Development
Pittsburgh Region: Allegheny Islands State Park located in Allegheny County
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains Region: Prompton State Park is located in Wayne County, Pennsylvania
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains Region:Varden Conservation Area located in Wayne County
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains Region:Nescopeck State Park is in Luzerne County
Philadelphia and its Countryside/Lehigh Valley Region: Benjamin Rush State Park is in Philadelphia County
Please note:
Some trail systems are very extensive (5+) and take a large amount of space to list each one individually. For those trail systems marked as extensive trail system, please download the accompanying trail information in *.pdf format for trail description, length, name, and trailhead location (if available.) In this way, you can have all the complete trail information for that park without shortcuts or abbreviations used to conserve space. 
If you do not have adobe acrobat reader, please click here  and download now. Its free.

Trails in *pdf format can be downloaded alone or with the complete park information (bigger file not good for dial-ups.). Maps are marked in BOLD font and downloaded individually in *.pdf format. If maps are in *zip format, the file contains several maps that encompass that particular area. Feel free to ask the trailmaster any questions about the downloads:

BIKING  State Park Areas- DCNR Areas
Region | State Park Trail Name Length Miscellaneous Trailhead | Access Maps | Downloads
Lake Erie Region
Maurice K. Goddard
Multi-use Trail
Wilhelm-North Shore 9 mile paved Boat Launch 4 to the Marina,then to Dugan's Run Launch 4, Marina, Launch 2, Launch 1, Dam and Dugan's Run Maurice.PDF

Cross-country Ski Trail
On South Shore
8 Miles Trail shares the road with motor vehicles. Runs from dam to Lake Wilhelm Road.  Utilize Lake Wilhelm Road to connect the south and north portions of the trail. -complete loop Maurice.PDF

Oil Creek not available 9.7-mile paved  Trail users may rent bicycles at the park office.
Two-way bicycle traffic
Petroleum Centre in the south and Drake Well Museum in the north Oil Creek.PDF
Presque Isle  Karl Boyes Multi-purpose Nat'l RecTrail 13.5-mile  not available not available Presque Isle.PDF
Pittsburg Region
Moraine State Park
not available 7 mile paved Trail winds near the shoreline between Marina Restaurant & Bike Rental Blding in NW corner of the park Lakeview Beach and Watts Bay Marina areas Moraine.PDF
North Shore

Must be in good physical condition.

6-mile loop

Must have equipment for off-road riding. 

Hazardous trail warning!
Slopes are steep, rough surfaces & slippery areas.
Experienced off-road riders only!
Bikers ride bike trails at their own risk. 

Located off of Mt. Union Road and Alexander Ridge Road. 

Point State Park not available not available A bike & in-line skate route connects the North Shore, the South Side, and Eliza Furnace Trails  not available Point.PDF
Raccoon Creek State Park
Extensive Trail System
Please download trail information in *.pdf format 17 miles A variety of terrain features offer everything from steep and rolling hills to level service roads. Raccoon-Trail Info Only

Special regulations are posted at each trailhead!

Laurel Highlands
/Southern Alleghenies

Canoe Creek

Bike Trail 1 mile not available Runs between US 22 and Mattern Road, passing through the day use area Canoe Creek.PDF
Blue Knob


Chappell’s Field Trail 
Three Springs 
Crist Ridge 
Rock ‘N’ Ridge 
Mountain View 
Please refer to hiking section Please refer to hiking section Please refer to hiking section Blue Knob.PDF
Keystone Lake Side Trail 
All other trails in Keystone are hike only!
2 miles Level trail loops around the lake on park roads and walkways Mountain bikes must stay on park roads or gravel walkways! keys_map.pdf

Extensive Trail System

Sugarloaf Trail stretches 3.8 miles
Sugarloaf Snowmobile and Mountain Bike Area has 9.4 miles 
13.2 miles  Ohiopyle Trails Information only download trails info Ohiopyle.PDF
Prince Gallitzin All bicyclists may use park roads open to public travel
Northern end of park:
2.3-mile multi-use trail around the perimeter of the campground
20-mile snowmobile trail network is open for mountain biking and hiking
Interactive on-line regional map
Laurel Mountain Area
3D-Laurel-Forbes State Forest
Killbuck Run Area
Please download Maps Pr-Gallitzin.PDF
Shawnee State Park Lakeshore Trail is easy biking and includes a small section of shared road 3.4 miles 7.5 miles
Rated: moderate
not available not available Shawnee.PDF
Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley 

Delaware Canal

multi-use trails

Delaware Canal towpath runs from Easton to Bristol and is a National Recreation Trail. 60-mile not available not available Del-Canal.PDF
Evansburg not available

Bicycles are prohibited on all hiking and equestrian trails within the park

5-mile Mountain bike trail at the southern end of the park.
Bicycles are permitted on paved roads that are open to vehicle traffic.
Trailhead on Fern Avenue Evansburg.PDF

multi-use trails

For use by hikers, all-terrain bicyclists, horseback riders and cross-country skiers 18.5 miles not available not available Jacobs.PDF
Nockamixon Bicycle Trail  2.8-mile  Off-road biking is not permitted not available Nock.PDF
Ridley Creek

multi-use trails

Sycamore Mills Road
Forge Road

Bikes are not permitted on unpaved hiking trails



Variety of habitats throughout the central portion of the park not available Ridley.PDF

Extensive Trail System

Please download Tyler Trail info in *.pdf format 23- miles  Most of the bicycle trails are over eight feet wide, paved and designed for easy two-way travel Please download Tyler Trail info in *.pdf format Tyler.PDF
White Clay Creek Preserve
multi-use trails
Peltier Trail
New Peltier Trail 
not available Also use the roads in and along the borders of the Preserve. not available White.PDF
Valleys of the Susquehanna

Black Moshannon
Extensive Trail System
multi-use trails

Dry Hollow Trail 
Snowmobile Trail 

Cycling is prohibited on other park trails.

not available Provide access to additional trails on state forest land for mountain bikes. State forest roads (unpaved) are also open to cycling. not available Allegheny Front Trail
Black Moshannon.PDF
Hyner Run / Hyner View
multi-use trails
Park is the eastern trailhead for the 53-mile Donut Hole Trail system 5-miles Shorter hikes are available close to the park on state forest lands. not available Hyner.PDF
Kettle Creek
multi-use trails
Part of the 53-mile Donut Hole Trail system 2-miles Novice and experienced hikers will find an abundance of trails in the park area Access at parking lot across from the Lower Campground Kettle.PDF
Little Pine

Extensive Trail System
multi-use trails

Little Pine Trail Info Only

Part of the network of Mid-State Trail

14-miles There are also many miles of trails in the adjacent Tiadaghton State Forest. Little Pine Trail Info Only Little Pine.PDF
Milton not available 1-mile The trails explore the riverine habitats of the north side of the river island. not available Milton.PDF
Penn-Roosevelt Trail system includes:
Mid-State Trail
Tioga State Forest Trails
Greenwood Furnace Park
not available Many trails are on nearby state forest land.  not available Penn.PDF
Poe Daddy Trail system includes:
Mid-State Trail
not available 250-foot long Paddy Mountain Railroad Tunnel on the Mid State Trail  not available P-Dad.PDF
Poe Valley Connects to the extensive trail network of Bald Eagle State Forest. 3-miles Mid-State Trail passes through Poe Valley not available P-Val.PDF
Shikellamy Bicycle rentals are available at the boat rental during the summer. 1-mile


Encircles Shikellamy Marina not available Shikellamy.PDF

Pocono Mts/Endless Mts
Prospect Trail
multi-use trail
5.8-miles Some sections follow the old entrance road and Old Route 611, which are suitable for bicycling and cross-country skiing. 
Several very rocky sections
not available Gouldsboro.PDF
Old Route 611
multi-use trail
1.25-miles Flat, wide trail paralleling I-380 not available Gouldsboro.PDF
Lackawanna Abington Trail
multi-use trail
3.5-miles not available Access the trail at Rowlands Road, boat mooring and the horse trailer parking lot. Lackawanna.PDF
Lehigh Gorge

multi-use trails contains maps of Rockport, Glenonoko, and White Haven areas 26-mile Wide tires are recommended. Bicycle rentals and shuttle service are available. not available Lehigh.PDF
Locust Lake not available 1-mile 
Circles the lake and gives an excellent view of the lake not available Locust Lake.PDF
Promised Land At each trail intersection, a sign will designate the trail name, trail uses, equipment permitted, and other pertinent information. Permitted trail usage is designated by international symbols. 6.5-miles Riders share the road around Promised Land Lake

Bicycles are not permitted on hiking trails. 

not available Promised Land.PDF
Tobyhanna Lakeside Trail 5.1-miles This improved trail has a hardened base for hiking and bicycling in summer and cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in winter.  not available Toby.PDF
Allegheny National Forest 

multi-use trail system

5-Brush Hollow & Mill Creek (off State Route 948)

7.7 miles not available Trailhead is located ten miles north of Ridgway on State Route 948.  The trails can be found on the James City quadrangle map. brush_hollow_map.pdf
North Country Trail
not available not available Although most hiking trails are not open to bicycles, all roads in the park and in the adjacent state game land and Allegheny National Forest are open to bicycles. not available Chapman.PDF
Cherry Springs Mountain Bike Trail
Trail maps are available at the Bureau of Forestry and Lyman Run SPoffices.
15-miles Single track trail- 
Runs from State forest district office to Patterson SP- continues to Cherry Springs SP.
State forest district office at Denton Hill  Cherry Springs.PDF

Colton Point Pine Creek Trail
multi-use trail
not available not available Bottom of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon Cherry Springs.PDF

Cook Forest

North Country Trail

Biking on hiking trails is not permitted except on the part of the Heffern Run Trail that is part of the Bicycle Route

The Bicycle Route 

Rated: moderate-difficult
Bikes are permitted on all one-way, dirt roads within the park Download Cook Forest.PDF for trail information
Part of the 140-mile Baker Trail and the NCT pass through Cook Forest
Cook Forest.PDF
Patterson Mountain Bike Trail
Trail maps are available at the Bureau of Forestry and Lyman Run State Park offices.
15-miles Single track trail- 
Runs from State forest district office to Patterson SP -continues to Cherry Springs SP.
Begins at state forest office at Denton Hill to Patterson SP, continues to Cherry Springs SP. Patterson.PDF
Pine Grove Furnace
Appalachian Trail (AT)
Pine Grove Trail Info Only
Rental concession is available at the boat launch at Laurel Lake.
3-miles All park roads and service roads are open to bicycles unless posted otherwise Pine Grove Trail Info Only P_Grove.PDF
Appalachian Trail (AT)
multi-use trails
This section of AT sits between two overnight shelters, about a day’s walk apart 10-mile loop not available Starting at the Waterville Bridge  Swatara.PDF
French Creek
Extensive Trail System
multi-use trails
French Creek trail Info Only

9 Trails

30-miles Several trails are open to biking
French Creek trail Info Only
Trailhead parking is located in many convenient areas. F-Creek.PDF
Gifford Pinchot
Extensive Trail System

Mason Dixon Trail

Packed Gravel

11 Trails
Gifford Trail Info Only

3.5-mile outer loop with a number of internal connectors Between the campground and the Conewago Day Use Area are for joint-use  Trail access for the general public is from the Conewago Day Use Area Gifford.PDF
We do our best to gather all public trail information available from public sites and place it in one area for your convenience. We know there are many trails not mentioned that we are not aware of or do not have access to. Please send us any information you have on any trails and we will add it to its respective page and keep them updated. mailto:

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