There are a vast number of trails in Pennsylvaina for hiking, biking and backpacking enthusiasts. We could not cover them all as trails are always in transition, a state of ever lasting change. New trails are formed, old ones are added on to and it is difficult to address the whole state. 

If you have trail information, please share it wih us as we freely share our information with you. We will keep the pages as updated as possible and with your help, everyone can enjoy and benefit. 

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The DCNR (Department ofConservation and Natural Resources) has updated their site that includes a new Pennsylvania Online Rails-to-Trails Guide with interactive maps, photographs of the rails trails and an abundance of information free for public use. This includes a total number of Open Rail Trails: 95. There are 968.6 miles of open trail, 101.5 miles under construction, and 654 miles in proposal phase. "Contained in this web site is information on Rails-Trails open to the public, under construction, and proposed. DCNR will periodically update this site as information comes into us from our many trail partners." ... DCNR 
In the near future all trails included in the Rails-to-Trails projects will carry the DCNR insignia  with the link to their respective page for more information.
Biking Trails - Community Based Trails Listing
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Information Links
Laurel Highlands Trails Guide is a product of Free Wheeling Easy, a series of books by Mary Shaw and Roy Weil. It includes more detailed information on the Youghiogheny, Allegheny Highlands and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trails. This Guide also has information on other trails in this area.
Cycle Southern Alleghenys- OFF ROAD for detailed maps and information! Cycling the Southern Alleghenies -on-road routes include 20 individual tour routes with names such as Raging Rapids Adventure Tour, Covered Bridge Scenic Tour, and Tuscarora Mountain Challenge Tour that travel through the region nestled in the Allegheny Mountains. The routes can each be ridden individually in a day, or can be combined for a multiple day bicycling vacation. Cycling the Southern Alleghenies also offers over 25 off-road self-guided routes for the nature lover in you. From beginner to advanced, you'll find the terrain that fits your ability, right in the middle of the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.
Biking in our forest areas:

Mountain biking has increased in popularity so much that it's not uncommon to see bikers during all seasons. And biking has become an all season sport in the Atlantic and southern mid-western states.

Biking the Allegheny National Forest: Most trails including snowmobile trails, general open roads and gated roads are available for use by mountain bikers. ATV trails are best suited for expert or extreme riding; many will find them too rough for riding. The ANF has over 600 miles of trail where bikes are allowed, but in actuality, many segments of ANF trails, even though open for bike use, do not provide a high quality experience for bikers. The snowmobile routes provide a scenic ride, but for the more adventurous, purchase the administrative map at any Ranger District office, and plan your own trail experience. 

Regulations of the Allegheny National Forest: Biking is allowed in most places on the ANF where a Forest Service travelway exists - for example, trails, gated roads, and open roads. Respect the rights of private landowners of travelways, and obtain permission prior to using these private roads.

The best biking experiences on gated Forest Service roads, however you may use the four developed ATV trails during the off-season, because the developed tread and comfortable turning radius provide an easier ride. The off-season (when the ATV Trails are closed to motorized use) is April 1 to the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, and September 24 to December 20 of each year. Of course, you can ride mountain bikes when the ATV Trails are open, but expect to frequently encounter ATVs on the trails.

Camping is permitted in most areas of the Allegheny National Forest except on the shores and within 1500 feet inland of the timberline around the Allegheny Reservoir, except in areas developed or designated for such use. In addition, no camping will be allowed within Jakes Rocks, Rimrock and Old State Road Recreation Areas; within 1500 feet either side of the center line of Allegheny Reservoir Scenic Drive and the main access roads into Jakes Rocks, Rimrock and Old State Road Recreation Areas; within 1500 feet either side of the main channel of Kinzua Creek from Red Bridge upstream to Mead Run; along FR 131 near Loleta; Duhring area near Spring Creek; and Hearts Content and Tionesta Scenic Areas. 

Biking is prohibited only in the Hickory Creek Wilderness, Hearts Content and Tionesta Scenic Areas, Tionesta Natural Area, the Allegheny National Recreation Area east of the Reservoir, Laurel Mill Cross County Ski Trail and the propagation area of the Buzzard Swamp Wildlife Management Area. These prohibitions are necessary for these few areas because of resource management objectives. A few examples: 1) the objective of the Hickory Creek Wilderness is to provide a primitive recreation experience and the presence of bicycles is incompatible with this objective; 2) the objective of the propagation area of the Buzzard Swamp Wildlife Management Area is to provide an area free of human disturbance for wildlife to use, and the presence of bikes again conflicts with this objective. 

Biking Elk State Forest: 

There is no trail system open to or designated for bicycles, but there are hundreds of miles to ride. Bicycles are permitted on all roads open to the public. Also, all gated roads with the exception of those newly seeded and those in natural wilderness areas may be used by cyclists. For those who prefer the forests, bycycling is not restricted with the exception of where degradtion would oocur such as in wet areas, steep hillsides and food plots.

ANF Forests Notes:

There is a network of over 50 trails in the Allegheny National Forest . For a complete up to date trail condition report in *pdf format, please click here.

There are over 600 campsites, 6 boat launches, 6 canoe access sites, 2 nationally designated wildernesses and many miles of hiking, snowmobiling and ATV trails. Download recreation map of the entire Allegheny Forest Region for Campgrounds, Trails, Rec Areas 
Allegheny National Forest Grand Tour :

For an amazing grand tour of the ANF, try a multi-day trip following the Allegheny Snowmobile Loop (Route #1). This route is shown on the ANF Recreation Map available at most ranger stations. Download a copy here. GPS COORDINATES: 41.4897, -79.095  Geographical Location map.

Appalachian Trail Maps Downloads:

All sections from New Hampshire & Maine to the Carolina's  or Pennsylvaina Section Only*pdf or beautiful color Gif

For Safe Biking:
  • The skill level of all trails vary, and you should be in good health to enjoy them.
  • Bike with at least one other person and to leave your itinerary with friends so they'll know where to look if you don't return on time or need assistance.
  • Practice safe biking, wear a helmet. The state of Pennsylvania requires those 12 and under wear protective head gear. 
  • For trails open for winter biking: Remember to dress in layers appropriate for the weather conditions.
  • Many trails are used heavily in the late fall and spring by hunters. Wear bright fluorescent colored clothing if biking during these time periods.
  • Remember the off-road rules of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA): Ride On Trails Only; Leave No Trace; Control Your Bicycle; Always Yield; Never Spook Animals; and Plan Ahead.
  • Practice "No Trace" ethics - pack it in, pack it out. For sanitary disposal of wastes, dig a pit on flat ground at least 6 inches deep and at least 200 feet from water.
  • Water from any source should be boiled before consumption, as water is not tested or treated for drinking.
  • Please report any unsafe trail conditions such as downed trees and missing signs or trail markers directly to the nearest Ranger District.
Please note:
Many trail systems are very extensive (5+) and take a large amount of space to list each one individually. For those trail systems marked as extensive trail system, please download the accompanying trail information in *.pdf format for trail description, length, name, and trailhead location (if available.) In this way, you can have all the complete trail information for that park without shortcuts or abbreviations used to conserve space. 
If you do not have adobe acrobat reader, please click here  and download now. Its free.

Trails in *pdf format can be downloaded alone or with the complete park information (bigger file not good for dial-ups.). Maps are marked in BOLD font and downloaded individually in *.pdf format. If maps are in *zip format, the file contains several maps that encompass that particular area. Feel free to ask the trailmaster any questions about the downloads:

BIKING  Community Based Trail Areas
Region | State Park Trail Name Length Miscellaneous Trailhead | Access Maps | Downloads
Lake Erie Region East Branch Trail
(Titusville- Spartanburg)
7.5 miles This original right-of-way runs from Spartansburg to Hydetown, just north of Titusville. Can be accessed in Spartansburg at the Clear Lake Parking Area off Route 77 or in the Village of Glynden on Glynden Road. no map available

gameland map showing RR

Pittsburgh Region Allegheny Highlands Trail  (part of the Great Allegheny Passage)
Garrett to Fort Hill
24 miles The trail is currently open from the village of Fort Hill to the Salisbury Viaduct between the towns of Garrett and Meyersdale.  Trailhead parking adjacent to the trail at the Meyersdale Station, Garrett, Rockwood, Markleton and Fort Hill.  AHT-Gar-FtHill_map.gif
Allegheny Highlands Trail-Casselman Section  19.7 miles  Salisbury Trestle, Casselman River, rapids and Waterfall, Pinkerton Tunnel. Beautiful woodland scenery.  Meyersdale trailhead
Garrett trailhead
Rockwood trailhead
Markleton trailhead

Includes Info & Map

Allegheny River Trail
Franklin to Brandon
10 miles Allegheny River Trail is the southern extension of the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail. Franklin-east end of the 8th Street Bridge 
Brandon-Coal City Road-The parking lot is marked for the Samuel Justus Trail.

Includes maps of all sections of the ART

Arrowhead Trail (Montour Trail extension)

Within Peters Township 

3.5 miles Montour Trail is a multi-use non-motorized recreational rail-trail near Pittsburgh, PA that will ultimately extend 47 miles from Coraopolis to Clairton. Arrowhead Acess Points Arrowhead_map.gif
Butler-Freeport Community Trail
Butler to Freeport
21 miles Noticable grade - an average 2-3% incline from the Allegheny River end (Freeport) as you go north Sarver Road
Cabot-Winfield Road 
(info only-no map available)
Clarion Highlands Trail (Sandy Creek Trail Section) 8.6 miles There are no facilities on the trail. Trail users should bring their own food, water, spare tire and pump. West trailhead is at Belmar Village on the west side of the River.
East trailhead is in the village of Van on Route 322.
Eliza Furnace Trail, aka the "Jail Trail" (part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail) 2.6 miles Location: Pittsburgh (downtown, behind the new PNC building at First Ave. & Grant St) to Hazelwood (under the RR trestle at 2nd Ave) Starts at the east edge of downtown, in the parking lot near the new jail heritage_trail.pdf
Five Star Trail
Greensburg to Youngwood
7.5 miles Named by the five municipalities the trail passes: Greensburg, Hempfield Township, South Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg and Youngwood. Trailheads:  Greensburg or Youngwood  5star_map.gif


Greene River Trail
Greene Cove Marina (border of Greene & Washington Counties) to Rices Landing
4 miles Parallels the Monongahela River Nothern terminus at Greene Cove Marina (on the border of Greene & Washington Counties) -Southern endpoint in Rices Landing. GRT_bikemap.pdf
Hoodlebug Trail
(Indiana to Homer City)
6 miles Follows the abandoned Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad between the Homer City area and Indiana IUP South Campus: Trail users may park in the lot adjacent to the ballfields at IUP's South Campus.
Old Route 119
Floodway Park:
Located off Main Street in Homer City
Red Barn Access Area: Located adjacent to the Homer Center Boosters' Ballfields
Indian Creek Valley Trail
Indian Head to Champion
5 miles 23 miles planned  Champion Trail Head
Indian Head Trail Head 
Trestle Access to the Trail located in Melcroft PA 
no map available
Montour Trail (part of the Great Allegheny Passage) 30 miles acessible
47 total when finished
Montour Trail is a multi-use non-motorized recreational rail-trail near Pittsburgh, PA that will ultimately extend 47 miles from Coraopolis to Clairton. Montour-Trail.PDF

access points
North Shore Trail (part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail) 3.4 miles Offers vistas up and down the rivers, the development on the North Side, downtown and close-ups of the contrast between old industry and new.  Accessible from the Cardello Building at the
end of Beaver Avenue near the West End
Pittsburgh Riverwalk at Station Square 1.5 miles Reveals many points of interest and a spectacular view of the Golden Triangle.  Station Square d342.stationsqmap.jpg
Samuel Justus Recreation Trail
Oil City to Franklin
5.3 miles Forms the northern portion of a continuous 15.5 miles of rail-trail that run from Oil City to Franklin (the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail segment) and from Franklin south to Brandon (the Allegheny River Trail segment).  Oil City 
Samuel Justus.PDF
map not available
Stavich Bicycle Trail  12 miles reported, 9.8 measured  The Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal -The trail corridor originally served as railbed for the Penn-Ohio interurban trolley line than a railroad. Trailhead:begin on US224 westbound from its intersection with PA60/US422 in New Castle stavich-map.gif
Steel Valley Trail (part of the Great Allegheny Passage)
Clairton to McKeesport
4.2 miles Part of the Great Allegheny Passage, a 152 mile bicycle and walking trail that will eventually connect Pittsburgh with the C&O Canal in Cumberland, MD, on non-motorized trails. Sandcastle Park steelvalley_map.pdf
West Penn Trail
Saltsburg to Blairsville
12-mile  Important link in the Pennsylvania Millennium Legacy Trail system. Follows the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal and Portage Railroad Westinghouse trailhead near Blairsville west-penn-trail_map.jpg
Youghiogheny River Trail - North (part of the Great Allegheny Passage)
McKeesport to Connellsville
43 miles Built along the "railbanked" right-of-way of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad -continues to Meyersdale for 100 continuous miles of one of the most beautiful trails in the country. Trailheads at   Connellsville and Ohiopyle


Youghiogheny River Trail - South (part of the Great Allegheny Passage)
Connellsville to Confluence
28 miles Has been named as one of the best walking trails in the world.  Trailheads at Confluence, Ohiopyle, Connellsville. TRHT-YRS-10.gif
Laurel Highlands
/Southern Alleghenies
Apple Barrel Orchard Tour 
Breezewood and Bedford county 
39.5 Miles  Intersection of Route 30 and Route S.R. 2029-Breezewood Moderate with a few short hills-Fast moving traffic in the rural sections and moderate traffic in Breezewood apple_map.gif
Bear Run Nature Preserve 20+ miles Trailhead is located 3.5 miles north of Ohiopyle on SR381 Surrounding Fallingwater, the Bear Run Nature Reserve offers over 5,000 acres of mountain land
Covered Bridge Scenic Journey  16.4 Miles  Intersection of SR 4019/SR 869. (Osterburg Post Office will be behind you to the left).  This tour allows the cyclist to experience several covered bridges and beautiful rural farmland.  covered-bridge.gif
Horse and Buggy Tour
The Mennonite Countryside
33.7 Miles  Trailhead:Martinsburg Borough intersection of SR 866/SR 164. Countryside tour through Mennonite farmland. Charming Williamsburg and its BLue Hole Quarry. Horses and buggies will share the road with you.  horse-buggy-map.gif
Lower Trail

Juniata River Corridor

11 miles Alexandria and Williamsburg on Route 22 Alexandria and Williamsburg, Canoe Creek State Park, and Flowing Springs  lower.PDF
Magic Mountain Mystery Tour 
Somerset and Berlin Boroughs 
55.1 Miles  Begin at the town square intersection of SR 601 (S. Center 
Avenue) & SR 31 (Main Street). 
Mountain scenery surrounds rural country roads, farmlands,mysterious mountainous ridges and continuing through the rural Borough of Berlin.  mag-mt-tour.gif
Mainline & Path of the Flood Trail 
Johnstown to Ehrenfeld (near Johnstown National Flood Memorial) 
 10 miles Franklin ballfield in Johnstown Follows the Little Conemaugh River and the Mainline of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Path-Flood-Trail.PDF
no map available
P.W.& S. Railroad Bike Trail
Laurel Mountain to Linn Run
34-mile  Designed for mountain biking, four interconnected loops Laurel Summit Road about 10 miles south of US Route 30. Trailheads are located near Laurel Mountain State Park, Laurel Summit Picnic Area and Laurel Mountain Ski Area. no map available
River and Bridge Scenic Tour  57.6 miles  Somerset Historical Center; Covered Bridge; Great views; Jennerstown Speedway; Mountain Playhouse  Begin at the Somerset Historical Center and Walter¹s Mill 
Covered Bridge located on SR 985 approximately 3 miles outside Somerset Borough
Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley  Betzwood Trail (connects with Schuylkill River Trail)
Valley Forge National Park
2 miles N. Gulph Rd  Most of the trail runs along the edge of the Schuylkill River Betzwood.pdf
Delaware Canal State Park Trail 60 miles Washington Crossing-left on River Road / PA 32
From U.S. 22 -Turn right at entrance bridge to Hugh Moore Park. Cross the bridge, then go right and park near the picnic area. 
Paralleling the Delaware River between Easton and Bristol delawarecanal_map.pdf
Erwinna  13.9 miles  Trailhead:Tinicum Park, a Bucks County facility with playgrounds and a camping area as well as restrooms and parking located on Route 32 approximately a mile south of Frenchtown, N.J. Farms, woods and a covered bridge -quite hilly; much of the route follows the Delaware River and local streambeds Erwinna_map.gif
Horsham Powerline Trail
Horsham (Dresher Road) to Horsham (Babylon Road)
3 miles Simmons Elementary and Hatboro-Horsham High School
Pennsylvania Business Campus and the Horsham Business Center
Cross-township powerline trail.
12-foot-wide powerline trail runs on blacktop between Babylon Road and Dresher Road, the eastern terminus
no map available
Ironton Rail-Trail
(Whitehall, Coplay to North Whitehall)
9 miles North Whitehall  Trail consist of a measured 6 mile loop winding through Whitehall Township and the Borough of Coplay.
Passes by the Coplay Cement Kilns-the last standing kilns in the United States. 
Lambertville to Stockton 
(canal path)
14.2 miles  Trail begins:The Holcombe Jimison Farmstead Museum, off Route 29 just south of the Route 202 bridge in Lambertville.  The canal bike path parallels the Delaware River and also offers some lovely views.  lambertville-map.gif
Lehigh Canal
(Parryville to Jim Thorpe)
5.5 miles Accessed easily from Weissport Part of the National Heritage Corridor. This trail is near the Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail and the Switchback Rail Trail. lehigh_trail.jpg
Lehigh Canal (South)
(Allentown to Easton)
17 miles Follow Airport Road south approximately two miles, until it becomes Irving Street. Follow Irving Street 1.25 miles to Hanover Avenue. After making a right onto Hanover Avenue go about one mile and make a right onto Albert Street. Then follow the signs to the Bike and Boat trail. The Corridor represents a living “national park” where people work, play and live. lehigh_trail.jpg
Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail 25 miles  White Haven and Glen Onoko  Motorized vehicles and horses are not permitted except snowmobiles during the designated season. delawarecanal_map.pdf
Lumberville to Holicong  17.4 miles  Trailhead: Lumberville,  Quaint little town overlooking the Delaware River. Parking is limited, however, so consider leaving your car at the Bull’s Island Recreation Area in New Jersey, using the pedestrian bridge across the Delaware to reach Lumberville.  lumberville_map.gif
New Hope to Pineville 16.1 miles  Starts at: New Hope Information Center, corner of S. Main and Mechanic Sts. Very scenic ride outside of New hope town limits newhope-map.gif
Northampton-Bath Recreation Trail (Nor-Bath) 7.3 miles, 3.8 miles active  Northampton and Bath 
Jacksonville Road
Contact Northampton County Parks and Recreation, Gordon Heller, R.D. 4, Greystone Building, Nazareth, PA 18064, or call them at 610-746-1975. no map available
Pennypack Park Trail-
Philadelphia (Pine Rd on Montgomery County border) southeast to Philadelphia (Delaware River)
10 miles not available Pennypack Park provides playgrounds, hiking and bike trails as well as bridle paths for horseback riding. An adjunct to the park is the Pennypack Environmental Center on Verree Road
Perkiomen Trail
Perkiomenville (Green Lane Park) to Oaks
19.5 miles PERKIOMEN Access Extending from its connection to the Schuylkill River Trail (SRT) in Oaks in Upper Providence Township to Green Lane Park in Upper Frederick Township.
Schuylkill River Trail -
Philadelphia through Valley Forge National Historical Park to Oaks (connects with the Perkiomen Trail)
14.5 miles Trailheads:  Philadelphia to Valley Forge  This heavily used trail traverses beautiful scenic and natural areas of the lower Schuylkill River.  SRT_Map02.pdf
Wissahickon Valley Park (Forbidden Drive)
Philadelphia (Lincoln Drive) north to Philadelphia (city limit)
7 miles Forbidden Drive is the only trail open to bicyclists and equestrians without a permit.
All bicyclists and equestrians using the upper trails in the Wissahickon are required to register for a user permit. The permit, which is free, must be renewed annually.

Download Trail information, Rules, Regs & Permit Application
Pocono Mts/Endless Mts Back Mountain Trail 2.5 miles Route follows the old Lehigh Valley railbed
Back Mountain .PDF
Trailhead located on Parry Street in Luzerne Borough-park at Knights of Columbus near top of hill List of Maps:

Luzerne County Rail-Trail
Wilkes-Barre to Old Forge
11.6 miles The Luzerne County Rail-Trail is a rail-with-trail, meaning the trail shares a right-of-way with an active rail line.  Trailheads:Wilkes-Barre, proceed to the Waterfront Professional Park and in Pittston no maps available
Tuscorora Mountain Challenge Tour  32.6 miles  The ride contains some narrow bridges and roadways with higher traffic volumes, use caution. Burnt Cabins Grist Mill is a highlight. Begin in Borough of McConnellsburg on S.R. 0016 at the 
intersection of S.R. 0522. 
Allegheny National Forest 

multi-use trail system

Allegheny Snowmobile Loop

Much of this trail is located on roads that are open in summer and snow covered in winter. The trail is marked with orange diamonds. 

300+ miles
including snowmobile trail connectors
Starts in Warren, con't to the New York state line. Trail 7, North Country Natural Scenic Trail, is part of a 3,200-mile National Scenic Trail.
3 trail host houses located along the trail system for serving the snowmobilers. 
Marienville and Kane have easy access to the trail system. Brown Run Road (off of SR 59, just east of Warren) also has trail access. ANF Recreation map
Beaver Meadow 3+miles The impoundment serves as a waterfowl refuge Take N. Forest Street (Forest Road 128) north out of Marienville for four miles. Beaver Meadows Recreation Area is located on Forest Road 282.  bvmdt_map.pdf
Rec Brochure
Beaver Mead.PDF

(info only)
Brush Hollow & Mill Creek
(off State Route 948) 
7.7 miles Trailhead is located ten miles north of Ridgway on State Route 948.  The trails can be found on the James City quadrangle map. brush_hollow_map.pdf
Buckaloons Seneca  0.8 mile loop  Named for the Seneca Indian tribe that once lived here, circles the entire Recreation Area U.S. Route 6 west from Warren, PA. Buckaloons is just south of the intersection of U.S. Routes 6 and 62, about six miles from Warren.  buclns_map.pdf
Trail Brochure

(info only)
Buzzard Swamp  9.6 miles  Wildlife Management Area  Located on Forest Road 157, 1 mile south of Marienville on Loleta Road. The northern trailhead is located on Forest Road 376, 2.5 miles east of Marienville on Lamonaville Road. bzzsw_map.pdf
Clarion/Little Toby Crk 16-miles Connects Ridgway and Brockway Trailheads are at Water Street in Ridgway, at Croyland (near Portland Mills) and at Taylor Park in Brockway ANF-rec-map.pdf
Clarion-Toby Trail.PDF
Clearfield/Grampian Trail 10.5 miles Crushed limestone surface suitable for wheelchairs, hiking, cycling, jogging or cross-country skiing Trailhead is located off I-80 Exit 19, PA 879 south 4 miles, right on Spruce Street Exit, first left (Chester Street) and left before True Value Hardware. Clear-Gramp-TR.PDF
( info only )


Deerlick X-C Ski Trail 9.0 mile loop  not available Located at the intersection of Tollgate Road and US 6 just east of Sheffield, PA. drlkxc_map.pdf
Dewdrop Rec Area not available 5-page Scenic Route brochure 5-page Scenic Route brochure 5-page Scenic Route brochure
Little Drummer Historic Pathway




Trail is clearly marked with off-white diamond-shaped markers on trees, or with decals on brown plastic posts. Walk-in camping is permitted along the trail The trailhead parking lot is located 8.0 miles west of Ridgway on Laurel Mill Road (Township Road T-307) in Elk County, Pennsylvania.  ldrummer_map.pdf
Little Drummer.PDF
Mill Creek Trail 5.6 miles  Forest Road 138 to Brush Hollow Trailhead (SR 948)  Use the Brush Hollow Trailhead (SR 948) to access the Mill Creek Trail on the southern end of the trail. The Mill Creek Trail is about 1000 feet north of the trailhead on the Brush Hollow Trail.  Mill Creek Loop.bmp
Minister Creek  6.6 miles Minister Creek Trail joins the North Country National Scenic Trail- most northerly segment. The NCST continues east, and the MCT turns south back towards the campground.  Trailhead parking lot is located on SR 666 west of Minister Creek Campground, 14.7 miles southwest of Sheffield, PA.  MinisterCrk.PDF
Minister Crk.bmp
Marienville ATV/Bike Trail 36.8 miles  State Route 66 east of the town of Marienville Located along State Route 66 about 15 miles southwest of Kane and 11 miles northeast of Marienville. You can access the trail anywhere it crosses a public road mrnvl_map.pdf
Morrison-ANF East 5.3 miles Loop trail Trailhead:Parking lot at Chappel Fork confluence  Morrison East.bmp
Rocky Gap ATV Trail 20.8 mile loop  not available Accessed from Township Road 3005, southeast of Warren rkygp_map.pdf
Rocky Gap.pdf
Timberline ATV Trail 38 miles  not available Accessed from State Route 948, north of Ridgway (also connects to the Marienville ATV Trail). mrnvl_map.pdf
Willow Creek ATV Trail 10.8 mile loop  Eastern side of the Allegheny Reservoir, just south of the New York State line. Closed during the winter season.  not available rkygp_map.pdf
Willow Creek.pdf
Minister Creek Trail 6.6-miles Trailhead parking lot is located on SR 666 west of Minister Creek Campground, 14.7 miles southwest of Sheffield, PA.  Minister Creek Trail joins the North Country National Scenic Trail- most northerly segment. The NCST continues east, and the MCT turns south back towards the campground.  MinisterCrk.PDF
Tidioute Riverside RecTrek 
(Tidioute to Grove Run)
4.3 miles not available One way trail extending from town of Tidioute south along the railroad grade paralleling the Allegheny River. Orien_Tidioute brochure_map.pdf
Tracy Ridge 8.7 miles Trailhead parking lot is located 18 miles west of Bradford via SR 346 and SR 321, or from the Allegheny Reservoir/Morrison Bridge area via SR 59 and SR 321 at the Tracy Ridge Campground.  Located on State Route 321, north of the junction with SR 59 and south of the junction with SR 346. Tracy Ridge sits on a ridge top three miles east of the Allegheny Reservoir.  Tracy Ridge.PDF
Twin Lake Trail 15.8 miles Trailhead parking lot is located at the Twin Lakes Recreation Area off of SR 321, south of Kane, PA or north of Wilcox, PA. Begins at the long loop of the Black Cherry National Recreation Interpretive Trail located at Twin Lakes Recreation Area and travels west to join with the North Country National Scenic Trail.  twinlake_map.pdf
Twin Lake.PDF
Hershey/Getty/Dutch Capitol Area Green Belt

(Loop around Harrisburg)

20 miles 20+ mile loop trail that links Harrisburg's parks, including Wildwood Lake Bird Sanctuary and Riverfront Park. There are several parking areas on the trail including the corner of Cameron and Elliot Sts., 19th St., Rt. 441, and Derry St. GB_map872.pdf
Conewago Trail 5 miles From Elizabethtown - take Route 230 West for one mile. Trail head is located on the right just before the Getty Station. The trail follows Conewago Creek, passing woods and farmland coenwago_map.jpe
Conewago Trail.PDF
Gettysburg National Military Park Battlefield 
#1 Battelfield-Blue 

Rent bikes from Blazing Saddles.

12 miles  Begin at Blazing Saddles Bike Shop -Lincoln Square, 17 Chambersburg Rd.  Gettysburg National Military Park,McPherson and Seminary Ridges, Little Round Top, Devil's Den, and The Angle,The Soldiers' National Cemetery  getty-military.gif
Gettysburg-Lost Trail 
Orange trail #3 
22 miles  Begin at Blazing Saddles Bike Shop -Lincoln Square, 17 Chambersburg Rd Sach's Covered Bridge, beautiful rural landscape  getty-lost-trail.gif
Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail
(Conewago Trail) 
9 miles Colebrook
Parking is available at the intersection of Rt. 117 and Colebrook Road.
Open only during daylight hours.  lvrtph1aresized.jpg
Lititz-Warwick Trailway 15 mile  Parking for the trail is only available at the Warwick Township Municipal Campus at 315 Clay Road, Lititz (there is no fee to park).  There are historic markers that describe 3 properties along the trail that date back to the 1700's. lancaster_trails.jpg
Michaux Forest-Mountain Bike
Route #5 Blue 
10 miles  Begin at Blazing Saddles Bike Shop -Lincoln Square, 17 Chambersburg Rd This ride is not for the faint of heart. The views and the workout are incredible!  michaux-mtbike.gif
Schuylkill Valley Heritage Trail-Tamaqua to Middleport 16 miles Park at the Newkirk Tunnel trailhead Connects the 1892 Tamaqua Railroad Station with the Newkirk Tunnel environmental education and historic recreation site. Schuyl-Heritage Trail.pdf
Stony Valley RR Grade
(Ellendale Forge to Lebanon Reservoir)
22 miles Access for Lebanon Reservoir end of trail is from Goldmine Rd. off of Rt. 443 southwest of Pine Grove Undeveloped Pennsylvania Game Commission administrative service road  Stone

State Gameland maps showing area 211/211A

 Thun Trail 
(Reading to Gibraltar)
11 miles Trailheads:  City of Reading to Border of Montgomery County  The reconstructed Trailhead will be known as the "Brentwood Drive Trailhead" on the Thun Trail.  TT-Birds-Doug.jpg
Valleys of the Susquehanna Pine Creek Trail
Ansonia to Waterville
41 miles There are four main trail heads with large paved parking areas along the trail route at Ansonia (Rt 6), Tiadaghton (Rt 362), Blackwell (Rt 414) and Waterville(Rt 414) Travels along the floor of Pine Creek Gorge PineCrkRT_map.gif
York County Heritage Rail Trail (connects with MD's Northern Central Railroad Trail)
New Freedom to York
 21 miles Colonial Courthouse in York
Hanover Junction
Glen Rock
New Freedom
10 foot wide compacted stone adjacent to active rail line, the Northern Central Railway. york_maplrg.jpg
We do our best to gather all public trail information available from public sites and place it in one area for your convenience. We know there are many trails not mentioned that we are not aware of or do not have access to. Please send us any information you have on any trails and we will add it to its respective page and keep them updated. mailto:
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