There are a vast number of trails in Pennsylvaina for hiking, biking and backpacking enthusiasts. We could not cover them all as trails are always in transition, a state of ever lasting change. New trails are formed, old ones are added on to and it is difficult to address the whole state. 

If you have trail information, please share it wih us as we freely share our information with you. We will keep the pages as updated as possible and with your help, everyone can enjoy and benefit. 

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Download a copy of Primitive Backpack Camping Guidelines and Ethics distributed by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry. It contains the regulations for primitive backpack camping within our state forest districts. Please remember, in the back country you are on your own. Please be prepared to take care of yourself and the back country enviroment. 
The DCNR (Department ofConservation and Natural Resources) has updated their site that includes a new Pennsylvania Online Rails-to-Trails Guide with interactive maps, photographs of the rails trails and an abundance of information free for public use. This includes a total number of Open Rail Trails: 95. There are 968.6 miles of open trail, 101.5 miles under construction, and 654 miles in proposal phase. "Contained in this web site is information on Rails-Trails open to the public, under construction, and proposed. DCNR will periodically update this site as information comes into us from our many trail partners." ... DCNR 
In the near future all trails included in the Rails-to-Trails projects will carry the DCNR insignia  with the link to their respective page for more information.

Hiking - Backpacking State Park-DCNR Trails
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Hiking-Backpacking State Park Regions
Allegheny National Forest Region
Hershey/Gettysburg/Dutch Country Region
Lake Erie Region
Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies
Pittsburgh Region
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains
Philadelphia and its Countryside/Lehigh Valley
Valleys of the Susquehanna
New Parks under Development
Pittsburgh Region:  Allegheny Islands State Park located in Allegheny County
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains Region:  Prompton State Park is located in Wayne County, Pennsylvania
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains Region: Varden Conservation Area located in Wayne County
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains Region: Nescopeck State Park is in Luzerne County
Philadelphia and its Countryside/Lehigh Valley Region:  Benjamin Rush State Park is in Philadelphia County
ANF Forests Notes: There is a network of over 50 trails in the Allegheny National Forest . For a complete up to date trail condition report in *pdf format, please click here.
There are over 600 campsites, 6 boat launches, 6 canoe access sites, 2 nationally designated wildernesses and many miles of hiking, snowmobiling and ATV trails. Download recreation map of the entire Allegheny Forest Region for Campgrounds, Trails, Rec Areas 
Appalachian Trail Maps Downloads:
All sections from New Hampshire & Maine to the Carolina's
Pennsylvaina Section Only*pdforbeautiful color Gif
HIKING - BACKPACK  State Park Areas- DCNR Areas
Region | Park Trail Name Length Blaze Trailhead | Access Miscellaneous Downloads
Allegheny National Forest 
North Country Trail
various hiking & backpacking trails on adjoining public land
12-miles not available not available Connects to the NCT by a seven mile trail through PA State Game Lands.Chapman State Park is in the midst of about 517,000 acres of Allegheny National Forest and state game land.  Chapman.PDF
Cherry Springs
Susquehannock State Forest (SSF)
not available 1 mile not available not available not available Cherry Springs.PDF

Clear Creek not available 25-miles not available not available A 0.5-mile exercise trail is in the large cabin area Clear Creek.PDF
Clarion/Little Toby Crk 

Please visit: for updated information

18-miles not available Trailheads are at Water Street in Ridgway, at Croyland (near Portland Mills) and at Taylor Park in Brockway Connects Ridgway and Brockway ANF-rec-map.pdf
Clarion-Toby Trail.PDF
Clearfield/Grampian Trail 10.5-miles not available Trailhead is located off I-80 Exit 19, PA 879 south 4 miles, right on Spruce Street Exit, first left (Chester Street) and left before True Value Hardware. Crushed limestone surface suitable for wheelchairs, hiking, cycling, jogging or cross-country skiing Clear-Gramp-TR.PDF
( info only )
Colton Point-
Leonard Harrison 
State Park
Turkey Path Trail 2-miles

down and back up

Rated: difficult

not available Descends one mile to the bottom of Pine Creek Gorge The trails traverse very rugged terrain, passing close to many steep cliffs, and may have slippery surfaces.  Colton.PDF
Overlook Trail 0.6-miles loop not available not available Takes you to Otter View, a vista looking south Colton.PDF
Pine Creek Trail
multi-use trail 
42-miles not available Bottom of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon not available Colton.PDF
Cook Forest

North Country Trail

not available 29-miles not available Part of the 140-mile Baker Trail and the North Country NCT pass through Cook Forest Allows overnight parking with the proper registration for NCT Cook Forest.PDF
Denton Hill Connect to the 85-mile Susquehannock Trail System 2-miles not available Susquehannock Trail System Susquehannock Trail System Denton.PDF

Susq Trail
Hills Creek Lake Side Trail  1.5-mile  not available Begins at the entrance to the camping area  Ends at a parking lot beyond the gate on the main entrance road HillCreek.PDF
Tauschers Trail  1.5-mile  not available Circles the northeast section of the park from the cabin area not available HillCreek.PDF
Yellow Birch Trail  1-mile  not available Starts at the entrance to the camping area but travels in an easterly direction  not available HillCreek.PDF
Lyman Run Trails link to many miles of trails in Susquehannock State Forest
Fish Trail
6-miles not available Susquehannock State Forest Susquehannock State Forest

Merged by Lyman Run Trail

Lyman Run.PDF
Spur Line Trail not available not available Lower Campground Runs North to Rock Run Road, just east of Wildcat Run Lyman Run.PDF
Wildcat Trail  not available not available not available Heads north of Rock Run Road and connects to Beehive Trail. Lyman Run.PDF
Beehive Trail  not available not available not available Go west to Daggett Run Campground or east, to a point further up Rock Run Road Lyman Run.PDF
Lyman Run Trail not available not available Starts at the spillway of the dam Crosses Lyman Run at the ATV bridge, then continues along the south shore of Lyman Lake Lyman Run.PDF
Susquehannock Trail

Daugherty Loop Trail 

2-miles total trails not available A picnic area parking lot serves as a trailhead for overnight hikers for the Susquehannock Trail Combines old logging and railroad grades to form a one hour walk through the Black Forest of Pennsylvania Ole Bull.PDF
Ole Bull Trail  not available not available not available Panoramic view of the park area
Beaver Dam Nature Trail  0.75-mile  not available Starts at the concrete fordway  not available
Parker Dam
Quehanna Trail 

Moshannon State 
Extensive Trail System
multi-use trails

Quehanna Trail

13 Trails
Parker Trails Info Only

not available Parker Trails Info Only Quehanna Trail-Map
Quehanna Trail Info
Parker Trails Info Only
Parker Trails Info Only Parker.PDF
not available not available Susquehannock
Prouty Place Susquehannock
1-mile not available Connects to the 85-mile Susquehannock
Quehanna Trail 


not available 3-miles not available Connects onto the Susquehannock
Trail above the community of Sinnemahoning.
not available SB_Elliot.PDF
Sinnemahoning Red Spruce Trail  1-miles not available From the campground to the Forty Maples Picnic Area Venomous snakes (rattlesnakes) may be encountered in this area. Sinne.PDF
Low Lands Trail  4-miles not available not available Originally part of the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad Sinne.PDF
Sizerville 5 Loop Trails:
Bottomlands Campground 
North Slope Sizerville Nature Trail 
Nady Hollow Trail 
5-miles not available not available not available Sizer.PDF
Big Spring
not available 1-mile not available not available Short loop trail leads to the site of the partially completed railroad tunnel Big Spring.PDF
Boyd Big Tree
Extensive Trail System
multi-use trails
7 Trails
BBT Trails Info Only
10.6-miles not available BBT Trails Info Only not available Boyd Big Tree Preserve.PDF
The Tuscarora Trail passes to the west of the park.The trail serves as a bypass to the Appalachian Trail and follows the crest of the Tuscarora Mountain. not available Tuscarora Trail
Appalachian Trail
Tuscarora Trail 
Appalachian Trail
Tuscarora Trail 
Appalachian Trail
Buchanan's .PDF

Trail (AT)

The AT, which extends 2,000 miles from Springer Mountain in northern Georgia to Mount Katahdin in central Maine, traverses the central portion of Caledonia. 10-miles
Appalachian Trail (AT)

Appalachian Trail (AT)

Appalachian Trail (AT)
Caledonia State Park.PDF
Codorus Mary Ann Furnace Trail  3.5-miles not available not available Three interconnected loops wind through hardwood forests, pine plantations and wetlands Codorus.PDF
LaHo Trail  1.5-miles not available not available Follow the lakeshore through hardwoods and wetlands. Codorus.PDF
Colonel Denning TRAILHEAD TO:
105-mile Tuscarora Trail 
18-miles not available Hiking and Nature Trail Guide is available at the park office  not available C-Denning.PDF
Fowlers Hollow TRAILHEAD TO:
variety of trails 
6-miles not available not available The Tuscarora Big Blue Trail nearby-variety of hiking trails within and connecting to the trail system of the Tuscarora State Forest Fowlers.PDF
French Creek
Extensive Trail System
multi-use trails
French Creek trail Info Only

9 Trails

30-miles French Creek trail Info Only

shows all trails in east portion of French Creek

French Creek trail Info Only

shows all trails in east portion of French Creek

Hikers at French Creek have a wide variety of opportunities for quiet reflection, nature study and physical challenge. Trailhead parking is located in many convenient areas. F-Creek.PDF
Gifford Pinchot
Extensive Trail System

Mason Dixon Trail

11 Trails
Gifford Trail Info Only
18-miles Gifford Trail Info Only
Trail access for the general public is from the Conewago Day Use Area Gifford Trail Info Only Gifford.PDF
Joseph E. Ibberson
Extensive Trail System
Trail (AT)
8 Trails

Joseph Ibberson Trail Info Only

8.5-miles Joseph Ibberson Trail Info Only Joseph Ibberson Trail Info Only Joseph Ibberson Trail Info Only Joseph E.PDF
Kings Gap
Extensive Trail System
Kings Gap trail Info Only

13 Trails

16-miles Kings Gap trail Info Only Trailheads are located at the three day use areas Kings Gap trail Info Only KGEET.PDF
Little Buffalo
Extensive Trail System


Little Buffalo Trail Info Only

7 Trails

8-miles Little Buffalo Trail Info Only not available Little Buffalo Trail Info Only L-Buffalo.PDF
Memorial Lake not available 2-miles not available not available Short woodland trail winds along the northern shoreline Mem-Lake.PDF
Mont Alto not available not available not available not available Local mountain roads offer interesting short hikes  Mont.PDF
Nolde Forest Network of trails makes the centerís streams, ponds and diverse habitats accessible  not available not available not available 665+ acres of deciduous woodlands and coniferous plantations Nolde Envir.PDF
Pine Grove Furnace
Appalachian Trail (AT)
Extensive Trail System
Pine Grove Trail Info Only 3-miles Pine Grove Trail Info Only Pine Grove Trail Info Only Marks the halfway point along the AT. Obeying tradition, hikers eat a half-gallon of ice cream here.  P_Grove.PDF
Samuel S. Lewis not available 1-mile not available not available The short hiking trails allow exploration of the pine forests and pass near interesting rock formations. S-Lewis.PDF
Extensive Trail System
11 Trails
Susq Trail Info Only
5-miles Susq Trail Info Only Susq Trail Info Only Susq Trail Info Only

Susquehannock Trail Map

Appalachian Trail (AT)

multi-use trails

This section of AT sits between two overnight shelters, about a dayís walk apart 10-mile  loop not available Starting at the Waterville Bridge  not available Swatara.PDF

We do our best to gather all public trail information available from public sites and place it in one area for your convenience. We know there are many trails not mentioned that we are not aware of or do not have access to. Please send us any information you have on any trails and we will add it to its respective page and keep them updated. mailto:

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