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What is conservation?

The dictionary describes it as: Preservation or restoration from loss, damage, or neglect, the protection, preservation, management, or restoration of wildlife and of natural resources such as forests, soil, and water or the maintenance of a physical quantity, such as energy or mass, during a physical or chemical change. etoro app

The main definition is: preservation.

Words associated with conservation are: attention, care, cherishing, conservancy, conserving, control, custody, directing, economy, governing, guardianship, guarding, husbanding, husbandry, keeping, maintenance, management, managing, preserval, preserving, protecting, protection, safeguarding, safekeeping, salvation, saving, storage, supervising, supervision, sustentation, upkeep.

The opposite of conservation is: destruction, spending, squandering, and waste.

The total concept of conservation summed up in one word: caring 

Conservation is not just preserving bugs, plants, waterways or wild life. Its maintaining and protecting life as it was meant to be. It does not hinder progress but instead lays a stable foundation to build a stronger future.

What we do:

Pa-Conservation.Org is our effort to aid in the fight to conserve our natural resources and maintain the beauty of our state parks and woodlands. 

Our service is allowing the public to come to one Web site and gather all trail information possible for free. exness demo account We offer a vast amount of information, whereas other services charge a fee for information that is free to the public but only if they know where to look. 

Pennsylvania Super Trails comes from individual trail sites and DCNR's state parks and forestry sites. We uploaded to our server every bit of information we could gather: trail maps, state park maps and information offered on the DCNR site, added the history and put it all in PDF format or Zip files for easy downloading.

We simply made it convenient for the trail enthusiast to find what they are looking for!

There are 714 conservation organizations listed in Pennsylvania who are performing the act of caring.

The Pennsylvania Super Trails

Trails are guides to conservation efforts in our state. Thats where our motto originates: " follow the trails to conservation in Pennsylvania". Trails allow those who use them to see the natural wonders of nature as they should be seen, without garbage or clutter and in the natural settings that are asthetic to the human soul. Trails give us an outlet for outdoor recreation and quality time for families to gather together without the hustle and bustle of the urban sprawl. Trails bring tourism, tourists bring money for hotels, food and amenities. Our local communities benefit. 

If you care, why not contact your county conservation district office or join an organization or group to help "preserve" what means the most to you?

pocket option scam or not We wish to give thanks to our friends at the Stoney-Creek River Improvement Project, also known as SCRIP, for their caring and outstanding efforts as they work with local groups and local resource agencies to restore and promote the Upper Conemaugh watershed. 

Although the Upper Conemaugh watershed is their main focus, their efforts expand into other area's of conservation and cover a vast area of watershed groups, educational efforts and all conservation groups. They can use your help.  or  or

Wells Creek is a cold water stream situated in Somerset Twp. and also part of Stonycreek Twp. and Quemahoning Twp. in Somerset County. Please stop in & visit this group of folks on your journey through the internet & see the great work they have done & the projects they are working on that may have an impact on the area where you live.
The Greater Johnstown Watershed Association (GJWSA), one of the regions oldest watershed organizations, with a renewed focus on community development and a desire to involve the public in decisions that affect the quality of life in the region. This is Johnstown's only inner city conservation group and they need your support as a volunteer or as a member. Please stop by and pay them a visit to find out how to become a member and be part of the future of Johnstown's waterways.

We do our best to gather all public trail information available from public sites and place it in one area for your convenience. We know there are many trails not mentioned that we are not aware of or do not have access to. Please send us any information you have on any trails and we will add it to its respective page and keep them updated. mailto:

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